Joan of Arc

The Joan of Arc Lightbox Orchestra Conducted by Fred Lonberg-Holm

$ 4.00 USD  


Recorded live at the Hideout in Chicago on February 6, 2011 - "The Joan of Arc Lightbox Orchestra Conducted by Fred Lonberg-Holm" is the live component to the band's esoteric and expansive Oh Brother LP. 

In keeping with the expansive, improvisational theme of "Oh Brother", Joan Of Arc performed this evening as a special ensemble of THIRTEEN members. The insane noisy-jazz-leaning pieces were conducted by the legendary Fred Lonberg-Holm via the "Lightbox" (a system of light bulbs for each musician which directs the improvisation). 
 Ensemble is as follows: 
 Tim Kinsella -guitar 
 Victor Villarreal - guitar 
 Bobby Burg - bass 
 Theo Katsaounis - drums 
 Frank Rosaly - drums 
 Robert Ryan - assorted Indian instruments 
 Nate Kinsella - tabla 
 Jeremy Boyle - electronics 
 Todd Mattei - computer 
 Matt Clark - guitar 
 Josh Abrams - bass 
 Sam Zurick - bass 
 Liz Payne - viola
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