The Runners Four

Catalog #: JNR436    Release Date: 10/27/2023

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  • The Runners Four
  • The Runners Four

*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
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The Runners Four is Deerhoof’s double-LP concept album about friends banding together as honorable outlaws in a corrupt world, deciding what to save in an apocalypse, passing secret messages of warning and hope from a remade future back to a soon-to-be-destroyed present. Abundant with lyrical allusions to the flood, where cargo hold claustrophobia inside meets a watery chaos outside, it was written and self-produced by Satomi Matsuzaki, John Dieterich, Chris Cohen and Greg Saunier while they holed up in a rented Oakland rehearsal room for the winter months 2004-5.

“a heavy football, a no-half-stepping opus, a defining statement…The Runners Four should occasion a moment to notice how a little band has gotten its scale and balance right: producing strong and inexpensive-sounding records in its own studio, making converts through frequent touring, changing its sound every six months or so. It’s not easy, especially without becoming part of any movement…”
 - The New York Times

“Deerhoof…has succeeded at something that’s very hard to do: It has made records and built a devoted international following on the sheer power of its imagination. And it’s a mad, wild imagination...”
 - The Boston Globe

“Deerhoof has forged yet another delightfully odd pop gem, multifaceted and sparkling with creativity.”
 - Rolling Stone

“Deerhoof…makes the difficult wonderful.”
 - The New Yorker

“At first, The Runners Four is close to incomprehensible. Songs stop as soon as a hook seems to form; rhythms shift and cut like they’re running for their lives…but when the mystery lifts and the melodies finally stick—and they do—the album has the undeniable power of complete originality.”

The Runners Four was nominated for New Pantheon Award by Ric Ocasek and John McCrea.

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