Hermit Thrushes

Wooded Blankets

$ 4.00 USD  


This 4-song EP was recorded in an abandoned church in South Philadelphia in 2009. On this recording, the band is joined by Matt Hampson (from Power Animal and Caring Practice) playing second drum kit and Nicholas Brannon (award-winning professional bread baker) playing keyboard and lap steel guitar. The songs were not practiced or even heard by the band before this recording but were instead directed by visual cues, tiny scraps of sheet music and some brief instructions. The basic tracks were then taken home and buried under weeks of bedroom overdubs. The result is a weird collection of songs that jumped directly from ideas and paper into recordings. However, there is a greater level of organization forcing them into cohesive structures and even during improvised sections, a logic is present.  

Hermit Thrushes has released two full-length albums, two EPs, and a cassette-only single as well as a split 7" (with Br'er) and a split cassette (with Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk). They have completed six national tours and have frequently been featured at under several dozen music festivals in, but not limited to, the continent of North America and, to be more specific, only in the United States.

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