Want Kishi Bashi to play your living room? (attn: London & Paris) [Live]

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In just a few days from now Kishi Bashi will be traveling to London & Paris on a quick promo tour (giving interviews, filming video sessions, etc).

We thought it would be super fun to arrange for Kishi Bashi to play an intimate living room show in both London (on Tues April 15) and Paris (on Thurs April 17). So: who’s interested in having Kishi Bashi play their living room????

Here is how it would work:

1. We would need you to have a house or loft space that can comfortably host 25-40 people. A place with a big living room, finished basement or other indoor residential space would be ideal.

2. The show will not be open to the public. We are looking for this to be an invite-only type of thing, with a “suggested donation” in the neighborhood of 20 pounds/euros per person.

3. We would rely on you to invite friends and fans of Kishi Bashi to come to the show. If you aren’t confident in your abilities to gather 25-40 people, we can help promote to Kishi Bashi’s fans. But then there will be strangers showing up to your house. And you’d have to be OK with that…

4. We don’t need a serious sound system, but do need a single guitar amplifier (for K’s violin), and ideally a separate PA (or amp) for vocals. If a vocal PA isn’t available, K will just sing without amplification like his Tiny Desk Concert. Please make sure that your neighbors are OK with the beautiful sounds of Kishi Bashi. We do not want to get shut down by the police.

If you are up for the challenge please email [email protected] to submit. Please include your contact info and reassure us that you are able to accomplish #1-4 above.

Questions? Ask any questions you may have in the comments below.

  • Karl Hofstetter

    Don’t hold back with your questions. We know this living room show thing is kind of a weird idea :)

  • Jacan Chaplais

    I don’t live in London, but am desperate to see K live – is there any opportunity for that during this visit to the UK?

  • Jacan Chaplais

    I mean, obviously I’d be happy to travel to anywhere he performs, but will there be an opportunity to see a performance even if we don’t know whoever it is who wins?

  • Jacan Chaplais

    Would there be an opportunity to see K live, even if we don’t know who wins?

  • Mars_Bound_Soon

    Great Idea! You should consider doing it in America too, I got just the place

  • Karl Hofstetter

    If there are any spots available at the London living room show we will be announcing that via the Kishi Bashi Facebook page the day before the show. A lot of it will depend on the show organizer and how many RSVPs he/she gets. But any open spots will be made available on a first come first served basis. So keep your ear to the ground!

  • Karl Hofstetter

    We will only be in London this time. Make the road trip!

  • Karl Hofstetter

    Any available slots we will be announcing via the Kishi Bashi Facebook page the day before the show, and will be made available on a first come first served basis. So keep your ear to the ground!

  • Sophia

    Wish I had space at mine..but if you’re in london on a sunday, a great place to play (for free) is at Inspiral Lounge (camden) at their open mic. Great upcoming musicians every week and a captive audience(not an average open mic!) I can ask about saving a slot if it’s a possibility..