Lily & Madeleine Mix [Mixtape]

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Ryan Lott:

“When I got [Lily & Madeline’s] vocal tracks back for this album, I just laughed and laughed.  They were soooo good.  They were too good…”

At the Music Council last Friday we got to hear Ryan’s audiophile breakdown about how people from the same family have similarly shaped vocal chords, allowing them to create harmonies that modern musicians can only hope to imitate by creating multiple, slightly distorted tracks of their own voice.  It was super-interesting.

We think it is super fortuitous that both Son Lux and Lily & Madeline have LPs dropping on October 29th.

Lily & Madeleine, teenage natives of Indianapolis–world headquarters of both JNR & their label Asthmatic Kitty, provide vocals on the tracks “Lost It to Trying” and “Plan The Escape” of Son Lux’s Lanterns.

To hear Lily & Madeline on Lanterns–pre-order here.

Pick up a copy of their EP, “Weight of the Globe” or pre-order their LP over at Asthmatic Kitty by clicking here.