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“There’s a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out.” -Lou Reed

The loss of an artist, especially one as massively iconic as Lou Reed, always brings up a cacophony of different emotions.  You’re sad to see them go, but the fact that they’re gone forces you to focus in on the work that they’ve left behind.  You’re left only with the synaptic flashes of memories correlated to that art they gave.

Lou laid his guitar down yesterday and we can be glad that he left the amp on. He’s vacated the scene, but the landscapes of distorted guitar, strange tunings, and weird time-signatures he left in his wake remain. He was one of a kind.

Enjoy the White Light.

33-Essential Lou Reed Cuts

  1. Black Angel Death Song
  2. Lady Godiva’s Operation
  3. Beginning To See The Light
  4. Pale Blue Eyes
  5. Satellite of Love
  6. Vicious
  7. Perfect Day
  8. Sad Song
  9. Here She Comes Now
  10. The Gift
  11. Heroin
  12. I’m Set Free
  13. Andy’s Chest(The VU bside version is also quite endearing)
  14. The Bed
  15. Jesus
  16. Sister Ray
  17. Walk On The Wild Side
  18. Metal Machine Music
  19. Coney Island Baby
  20. I Love You, Suzanne
  21. Sunday Morning
  22. White Light/ White Heat
  23. I’m Waiting For My Man
  24. Venus In Furs
  25. There She Goes Again
  26. Make Up
  27. Oh, Sweet Nothin’
  28. Wagon Wheel
  29. Sweet Jane
  30. The Day John Kennedy Died
  31. Waves of Fear
  32. Dirty Blvd.
  33. Hello It’s Me