My Three Minutes of (peculiar) Glory [Random Tale]

My name is Josh Turner and I am an intern here at Joyful Noise.

Last Thursday morning, I had the most peculiar experience. I put on makeup, and under bright lights and the eyes of millions, had a jovial chat with and played guitar for a former NFL star defensive end. It sounds like an entry from my dream journal.

screen shotBut it isn’t. This is how it happened.

I curate a YouTube page which has slowly but steadily been gaining popularity since I created it in 2007. Every so often, an internet-er will post one of my videos to the social page Reddit, the so-called “Front Page of the Internet.” As it turns out, some lucky fellow or fellows at the media giant ABC are paid to spend their days trawling Reddit’s depths for videos, and it was by this that I came to receive a phone call from a New York area code last Monday. “My name is S—-, from Good Morning America. We saw your clip on Reddit and were wondering if you’d like to be on the show.”

So two days later, I dropped everything and boarded a plane for New York–ABC paid for my plane tickets, car service, and accommodations. I rode to ABC studios in black Lincoln with tinted windows at 5:30 on Thursday morning. I sat around, did a sound check on set, put on a lapel mike, and received a face full of foundation from a woman who informed me that I looked “Gwah-jus.” At exactly 7:48 AM, they pulled the giant sliding doors, and I walked onto national television. I needn’t describe the content of the segment–see below–but I can say that it was utterly surreal. Contrived, hyper-polished and pure showbiz, the segment was over in just as precise time as it started. “AAAAND BREAK!” was shouted, my dad and I had our photo taken with Mr. Strahan, I got that godforsaken shit off of my face, and the whole ordeal was over before 8 AM. 

When people refer to dreams becoming reality, it usually connotes the fulfillment of a longtime desire. I don’t know about you, but when I go to bed at night, I don’t dream of owning a yacht or creating world peace. I dream of weird vignettes that don’t seem to make any sense.

So I can honestly say that last Thursday was a dream come true.

  • Pat Russell

    Josh, I love your videos. You have a great voice. Your Aunt Cindy is one of your biggest fans and she has helped you get many new fans! Keep up the good work and keep posting those videos. You did great on tv.

  • Josh Turner

    Thanks Pat! I certainly will keep posting videos. Stay tuned.

  • Dena

    Just met your awesome Aunt Cindy over the weekend. What a bodacious chick! She told me about you too! My best thoughts are with you as your star rises! Go forth and rock the world!

  • ccguy

    There are talented musicians, and the there are talented musicians who have a gift for creating some truly sublime moments. You’re in the latter category. So glad you’re getting recognition.

  • MOnica Prescott

    They sure didn’t give you enough air time. I could have listened to you much longer.
    You rock Josh! Keep it up you will go places much bigger than GMA I’m sure…
    Keep posting I love your videos and will keep telling my friends.

  • Barb Spencer

    My husband I stumbled across your music on youtube about six months ago. We’ve been fans ever since. You have a real gift…thanks for sharing it with the world. :)

  • Nada Dyson

    Josh, Our Question is: Did you take lessons to learn all the string instruments or did you teach yourself? How long did it take you to get it all down before you went on U-tube? You seem to sound Great anywhere you play, is it the mic or do you mute out the other sounds? Whatever it takes, You’re Doing Great! Keep up the Music..