Sebadoh Tour digital street team and signed 7″!! [Staff Posts]

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Sebadoh’s North American tour kicks off this Friday! We would love to have your help in spreading the word about the show you will be attending. If you would be able to post about the show on Facebook and Twitter we will happily give you a vinyl 7″ signed by the band! These records have the same two songs from the bonus 7″ shipped with the deluxe tri-color vinyl and the limited edition red vinyl.  But these records will be signed by the band!

Complete the following steps and the signed 7″ will be yours:

  1. Become a Facebook friend of Reagan (our label mascot) and follow JoyfulNoiseRecs on Twitter (if you have a Twitter account).
  2. Find and post a link to the event page for the Sebadoh show you’ll be attending from your Facebook and Twitter account.
  3. Join the event, invite friends you think would want to go, and post a comment on the event page with a link to one or more of the following:
    –  Soundcloud link for Defend Yourself
    –  Video for “I will”
    –  Spotify link for Defend Yourself
    …or any other Sebadoh link you would like to share with the world.
  4. Go here and claim your signed 7″ record! The record is free, you only have to pay the shipping cost (approx $3 for those in the US).
  5. FINAL STEP:  Post image of show poster (links below) on Facebook and Twitter the day before and/or the day of the show.

You’re done.  After we verify you obediently followed directions, we will send you the signed 7″.  Thank you!!


Here are some images to share:


ClevelandChicago • St. PaulIndianapolisColumbusPittsburgh


  • Sergio

    will ship it to spain??

  • Sergio

    Done!!! Please send copies over to Spain!!! Thank you and congratulations for the Tour and the release.

  • melabonbon

    The Soundcloud link gives me a “not found” error.