SON LUX SPOTLIGHT [Artist Spotlight]

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Here’s what folks have got to say about Son Lux’s new albumc


“There’s no question Lott is a gifted composer and Lanterns is his most arresting album to date.”

“Son Lux’s Lanterns is looking like one of fall’s most fascinating new releases.”

“Lanterns isn’t piecemeal beats or hastily assembled clutter, rather it begs to be heard as the lingua franca of the past and the future, something spoken on a pseudo-spiritual plane that connects the analog and digital realms.”

“In giving his compositions a little more leeway to spin and pirouette with maximum emotional force, Son Lux has made his best album to date and proven the wisdom of waving goodbye to restraint once in a while.”
The Line of Best Fit

“With its dense layering, the album always feels like it’s in motion, constantly shifting and changing in a way that makes its deliberate construction feel like nothing short of a miracle as the album effortlessly drifts along.”
All Music

“Son Lux has created a brilliant piece of work with Lanterns, there’s never a dull moment on this record.’
Grimy Goods

“Lanterns features an almost mind-bending collage of strings, wind instruments and synths, layered over top of insistent electronic beats and paired with haunting vocals. It’s a delicate balancing act that would probably implode if left to a less skilled hand.”

“By exploring and flipping the textures of seemingly commonplace elements, Lott delivers multi-layered songs filled with fresh air…”
Consequence Of Sound

“[Lanterns] carves out a space located snugly between body and brain, where warm instrumentation smacks into chilly waves of sub-bass, and choral vocals are recast in futuristic soundscapes.”

“His palette is impossibly wide, but he’s not simply mashing everything together. Instead, classical and rock and dance and hip hop and ambient talk to each other furiously, often all at once.”