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Apolo 'Live in Stockholm'

Catalog #: JNR275-4    Release Date: 04/01/2018

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  • Apolo 'Live in Stockholm'
  • Apolo 'Live in Stockholm'


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Curator Statement

"APOLO, consisting of Ivan Almanza (tambores), Ivan "Zurdo" Sotelo (guitarra), Santiago Villalba (bajo) and Albar Alcantar (voz) are an extraordinary psychedelic rock band from Chihuahua, México. They are a prime example of ferocious artists who have an outstanding ability to overcome social obstacles with their raw and exhilarating '60s-influenced sound. Their love for music brought them together in 2007 down a path that lead them to move to Mexico City with nothing in their pockets but determination in their hearts. Playing countless nights anywhere physics and human will would allow, they performed in underground metros, churches, parks, streets, and clubs, eventually expanding their tours all over the Mexican Republic and more recently, all over Europe (which is a rarity for us Mexican folk).

APOLO is a word derived from Greek with a meaning very much unknown and filled with mystery, though scholars indicate that the roots pertain to the translation of “strength” (fuerza). I cannot think of a more fitting word for this group of four charismatic individuals who, when together, form an unstoppable wave of groove.

Their music and lyricism is a representation of Mexico’s fiery youth, of an unsettled fight against corruption imposed by the brutal government that forever tries to attenuate hopelessness as a normality. The eerie, indigenous, mythical storytelling captured in the native tongue of our historically rich country expresses the various forms that light and love can morph into. Their growth has become undeniable because they persisted and turned their surroundings into metaphorical bullets loaded within their music.

I am very humbled and proud (orgullosa) to be presented the opportunity by Joyful Noise Recordings to properly continue the dialogue about this very important underground group of fearless Mexican rebels."

— Teri Gender Bender

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