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Bitw 'Bitw'

Catalog #: JNR325-5    Release Date: 05/01/2019

$ 18.00  

  • Bitw 'Bitw'
  • Bitw 'Bitw'


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  1. Siom
  2. Diolch Am Eich Sylwadau, David
  3. Love is Happening!
  4. Chwefror
  5. Plentyn Oeddwn I
  6. Honey Milk Salt Miracle
  7. Poen Tyfiant
  8. Don't Get Caught In The Rain
  9. With You
  10. Split Six


Curator Statement

I fell for Gruff Ab Arwel’s idiosyncratic mind and music 10 years ago when, still at school, he was one half of surreal Welsh pop band, Eitha Tal Ffranco. They sung of part-time vegetarians and suicidal teachers. Cut from the same cloth as Welsh greats Euros Childs and Gruff Rhys but reared under a different moon. He went on to form 1/4 of the amazing Welsh Surf outfit, Y Niwl , and rediscovered a self-invented band from the 70’s in the eponymous film Bur Hoff Bai. This solo album under the moniker Bitw is an incredible continuation of the curiosity, mystery and casual surrealism that has imbued all of his work to date. It is sci-fi mountain music - songs that are equally familiar and uncanny. It is my absolute pleasure to shine a little light on this truly authentic artist and introduce you to the wonderful world of Bitw.

- Cate Le Bon, Curator

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