Blue Sky, Raging Sun

$ 9.00 USD  

*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


Track Listing
  1. Out
  2. Circles and Squares
  3. Lonely Tired
  4. Desired Desire
  5. Maiden Oregon
  6. Immigrant Hands
  7. Blue Sky, Raging Sun
  8. Hard, Broken, Beautiful
  9. Conscious or Un
  10. Beauty Is All
  11. Convictions
  12. Uncle, Father, Friend



    Classic songwriting amidst Rubik's-Cube-structures - the music of Berry is a curious hybrid. At once dense and delicate, their blend of forward-thinking indie-pop is as graceful as it is perplexing. Having written and recorded over 100 songs in 7 years, Berry has found a way to marry meticulously detailed instrumentation with genuinely alluring pop. 

    The band's most recent offering, Blue Sky, Raging Sun, contains 43 minutes of their boldest musical statements to date. The album draws its inspiration from the band's "Amtrak Tour 2008," in which Berry decided to scrap their trusty 15-passenger van and tour by train. They packed only the essentials - what fit in their arms and on their backs - but returned home with an exciting new sound. Contrarily, they also found the gloomy reality of the American music scene, but with it, a renewed vigilance to create. This is the dynamic force at the heart of the new album. 
    Blue Sky, Raging Sun tumbles across twelve tracks of blurry musical terrain. Stark melodies pierce brooding arrangements. Cascading keyboards wash out into oceanic cymbal crashes. Sweat, love, experience, and disillusionment meld into an array of post-modern indie epics.


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