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The music of Berry is a strange animal. But writing and recording over 100 songs in 7 years will do strange things to a band. In Berry's case it has resulted in some dense, delicate, graceful pop songs with a certain "Searching for Bobby Fisher" mentality. After completing their 2010 LP, Blue Sky, Raging Sun, the members of Berry dispersed from Chicago, spreading across the country from Arizona to New York City. Meeting weekly by phone and yearly in person for a sort of shared musical vacation. Berry has never stopped pursuing the unique musical vision that has bound them together for more than fifteen years. Berry’s latest endeavor emerged from one of these vacations three years ago, when they gathered in a dusty pole barn out in the Kansas countryside.

Live tracks were written and recorded in just four days, but the album really took shape when Lemon handed over production reins to Paul Klimson, who has worked modestly alongside John Legend, Erykah Badu, and Kirk Douglas of The Roots. The result is an eclectic mix of carefully structured songs, where pop melodies soar over shifting time signatures, dissonant harmonies, and a heavier-than-usual dose of diminished-seventh chords.


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