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HUG 'A Young Person’s Guide to HUG'

Catalog #: JNR325-9    Release Date: 09/01/2019

$ 18.00 USD  

  • HUG 'A Young Person’s Guide to HUG'
  • HUG 'A Young Person’s Guide to HUG'


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  1. Texas
  2. Hot Bucket of Fuck
  3. Pants Off
  4. Wow
  5. White Boys Eat Pussy
  6. Junky Lover
  7. BFNFL
  8. Made of Wine
  9. Car Chase
  10. Picnic
  11. She Don't
  12. Lickable Hole (Live)
  13. Shit Sex (Live)


Curator Statement

In the early years of the idiotic 21st century I was innocently handed a few CDs by Jack Anderson. He was taking pictures of me for a story for The Austin Chronicle. When I played them, I could hardly believe my ears. With drum machine and Casio keyboard sounds, the music was a little like the music for PeeWee's Playhouse or any other children's show of that era. But the lyrical content was VERY clearly adult. Like some perverted circus that I had unwittingly wandered into, I was in a world of filth, LSD, booze, pornography and wonder. Finally! Children's Music in the Major keys on toy keyboards that celebrates sodomy, drunkenness, drugs, lust and all the best things in life.

Sadly for me the band broke up before I saw them live. I kept meaning to see them. They were a fixture at a local bar called Lovejoys. It was the kind of place where highly intelligent weirdos go to blast their brains out with booze on the reg.

Legends of an obese naked dancer, a suit made of pornography, and a huge lesbian fanbase haunted me as I writhed in my regret for not seeing them live. All I had were these CDs and everyone in town talking about their live show.

When the kind folks at Joyful Noise asked me what music I would like to resurrect, it was a close tie between HUG and a French band called Anus. We could not find any of the members of Anus. I soon heard that HUG were doing some reunion shows, so the choice was clear.

Now for the first time in history HUG is available to the unworthy (you) on fucking vinyl!

-Yours, Thor Harris Curator June 25, 2019

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