Kishi Bashi

It All Began With A Burst / Prologue/Twilight

$ 7.00  

  • It All Began With A Burst / Prologue/Twilight - Digital (instant MP3 download) - Joyful Noise Recordings - 1
  • It All Began With A Burst / Prologue/Twilight - 7" + MP3 (Blue & Bone White Splatter Vinyl) - Joyful Noise Recordings - 2

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The third of three 7" singles from Kishi Bashi's acclaimed debut album 151a. In addition to the album single "It All Began With A Burst", Side B features and an orchestral cover of "Prologue / Twilight" by ELO. Yes, that ELO. The Electric Light Orchestra.

The orchestral quartet rendition of ELO's classic song was arranged by Kishi Bashi, and appears exclusively on this 7” release. The recording is not available digitally, aside from the download code which accompanies the vinyl. The vinyl itself features a unique Blue & Bone White colored splatter design.

Each of the three 7"s in this series features a different orchestral cover song on Side B,  a different vinyl color, and corresponding cover art which forms triptych when all three are placed side by side. 

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