Dumb Numbers

Stranger EP

Catalog #: JNR231    Release Date: 07/07/2017

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  • EPs - Stranger EP
  • EPs - Stranger EP


Track Listing
  1. I Am Nothing / Sometimes (16:05)
  2. Without / Dissolution (12:36)


    Back in September of 2015, we were invited by our friends The Lemonheads to join them on a short West Coast tour. About a week before we were scheduled to leave, our drummer Murph had to drop out of the tour for personal reasons. Bonnie and Steve had already purchased their flights from Melbourne to Los Angeles so we were committed to the tour, but the thought of trying to find another drummer to emulate Murph's drum parts just felt wrong. So we decided to throw away our planned set list of "Murph songs" and instead enlisted Aniela Perry to join us on electric cello for some very slow, cinematic and open-ended interpretations of our songs.
    We all really enjoyed playing these particular shows, the songs opening themselves up with space to stretch out and breathe and be as long as they wanted to be. It was a very freeing experience with so much room for improvisation from night to night. After the tour we decided to document these new interpretations and booked a day in the studio with Toshi Kasai in Los Angeles and performed our set live in the studio. Along with some epic drumming and percussion by the legendary Dale Crover, we are also very happy to welcome the beautiful Thor Harris from Swans into the family, who added tubular bells, gongs and additional percussion to our new version of "Without".
    "I Am Nothing" is not an Electric Wizard cover, but rather takes its name from the spoken word performance by another talented Melbourne family friend, Elissa Rose, who added her poetry to the improvised instrumental section we started our set with each night. And last but not least, another Aussie member of the Dumb Numbers family, Geordie Stafford from Golden Bats, adds some crushing elemental guitar to the outro section of "Sometimes".
    We sincerely hope you enjoy the music. We recommend listening at night with some mood lighting, incorporating this listening experience into your nightime ritual.
    - Adam Harding
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