Son Lux


Catalog #: JNR121    Release Date: 06/25/2013

$ 2.00 USD  

  • TEAR - Son Lux - Joyful Noise Recordings - 1
  • TEAR - Son Lux - Joyful Noise Recordings - 2


Track Listing
  1. TEAR, Part 1 (3:47)
  2. TEAR, Part 2 (3:44)


    As a precursor to Son Lux's third album, titled "Lanterns", we released "TEAR", a conceptual 7" featuring one new song in two distinct parts. The music featured on TEAR is exclusive to this 7".

    TEAR is limited to just 300 copies on glass-green w/ black haze vinyl. Featuring custom letterpress artwork, each copy is personally hand-numbered and signed by Ryan Lott (aka Son Lux). Purchase includes an instant MP3 Download.


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