White Label Series

The Brother Moves On 'A New Myth'

Catalog #: JNR350-1    Release Date: 01/01/2020

$ 18.00 USD  

  • The Brother Moves On 'A New Myth'
  • The Brother Moves On 'A New Myth'


Tracklist / Purchase from the Artist


  1. everything will be okay
  2. the mourning after
  3. a long way from home
  4. sikelela
  5. zwagitation
  6. party@parktownmissions
  7. amagugu
  8. these bones will rise
  9. jocksauce
  10. hossanna
  11. jam for the bear (*bonus digital)
  12. elders (*bonus digital)



Curator Statement  


"To have the basis of one's cultural framework shaken to the core is an experience so wrenching that it forces the participant of this mental enterprise into a head space dominated by cascading waves of self reflection. I’ve tried hard to articulate why I chose ‘a new myth’ to be reissued on this white label series and this cultural restructuring is the closest I’ve come to explaining my fascination with the record and why I think it’s an important document to the sound and spirit of a South African artistic generation who looks back while travelling forward. To talk about African music is to talk about motion, about how representations of a spiritual ontology which runs counter to the now hegemonic western mode of thought necessitates the ability to continually morph into a reflection of the wider world, albeit in forms that may not satisfy the hierarchical criteria imposed by a culture viewed as capital, in the west. The Brother Moves On have created an album possessed by a spirit of transformation, it subverts tired notions of what it is to be an African artist in our times and infuses our understanding with dreams of a place where all musics and people sing a common song, and reflect ‘A New Myth’."

- Shabaka Hutchings, Curator

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