VIP Members: be our guest @ My Bloody Valentine / Dumb Numbers [Live]

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Crazy, we know. Our guys Dumb Numbers were asked to open for My Bloody Valentine on the East Coast leg of their upcoming tour! As a special treat for our VIP Members, we are offering a free pair of guest passes for each show. So if you are anywhere near Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Philly, or NYC — pay attention!

All you have to do is comment below and you’ll be entered to win. Make sure you include which of the 5 shows you’re hoping to attend. Bonus points if you entertainingly convey why you would be a worthy recipient (& if you share on social networks).

One winner in each city will receive the following:
— 2 spots on the Dumb Numbers guest list
— A signed poster / photo op with Dumb Numbers
— At least one drink, personally purchased for you by me (Karl, JNR’s “president & curator”). I’ll be the merch bitch at the shows. And you’ll have ample opportunity to hang out with me and the band.

  • yancy evans


  • Daniel M.

    Whoa. -Neo

    (NY as well. Damn you Yancy, you beat me by like 5 seconds.)

  • Joshua Phillips

    I would take the NYC or Boston show. I packed up three suitcases and made the the move to NYC two weeks ago to follow my dreams. This would be the bestest late birthday present for my 30th.

  • ron m

    Toronto would be nice

  • Brian Beer

    Philly, please. It’s worth the four hour drive and hotel!

  • Matthieu Larente

    Hey there! Been a fan of MBV since the beginning, but never got a cance to see them. I’d love to be at the Montreal show, and I promise to buy a Dumb Numbers record if you awesome people pick me! :)

  • DelcoHater

    Philadelphia, please!

  • Ezra

    I am born and raised nyc, getting tired of it though, but perhaps if I could sneak in a little dumb numbers into my life I might deem this city still worthwhile for me :-) I have the ltd. edition viny and it would just be complete if I could bring it and get it signed as well and I would love to meet Karl because I have been loving this label more and more each day and with each purchase that i make! cheers, please, and thank you!
    Ezra Benus
    [email protected]

  • jedmayer

    wow! how exciting!! I would love to attend the Boston show if at all possible. dumb mumbers is one of my top 5 albums of the year.

  • Rev. Chuck

    Great contest! One of my favourite bands since I was young, playing at the same great venue where I saw them last – Kool Haus in Toronto, with one of my favourite ‘new bands’/’super-groups’ opening (Great album guys!!). As well, as a bonus treat, getting to have a ‘Cheers!’ with Karl – Outstanding!!

  • Bryan B

    NYC please!

  • RyanMan

    About to start a new job and can’t afford tickets … some free passes to the Toronto show would be amazing!!! Please, please and thank you!!!!

  • Alex Miller

    would absolutely positively LOVE tickets to the boston show.

  • thepunkguy

    I live in New York. My apt costs too much which is the reason I can’t afford tickets.

    think about the children!! and my rent!!

  • Todd Wolenski

    NYC…. where i’m an accountant and work with dumb numbers all day!

  • Alan Haburchak

    Dudes! Crazy Amazing show! Love the Dumb Numbers album (and the beautiful blue vinyl) – seeing them with MBV in NYC would be top 5 shows all time for me!

  • Andrew May

    NYC please!!!! Excited to see these guys play live.

  • zinzarin

    Joyful Karl, please pick me for the NYC event! Nov 11 is 11.11, it’s just a bunch of 1s; how dumb is that? Valentines Day, bloody or not, is 3.14; that’s almost Pi, which would be soooo smart if it were *actually* but it’s not, it’s just close (so dumb)! If you pick me, I will (will I?) or won’t (won’t I?) find many, many more dumb numbers for you as we’re hanging out by the merch booth; your choice! (Is it your choice?)

  • Stephen Cort Smith

    Helloha Joyful Noise! I would love to win passes to the show in Philadelphia! A) My good friend Matt who lives in Philadelphia actually bought the Dumb Numbers LP for me as a birthday present the day it was released, making sure that I got the special limited color. I *LOVE* the record. SO, if I were to win 2 passes, I could happily take him along with me as a HUGE THANK YOU for buying me the LP! Also, I’ve been a huuuuge MBV fan for a very long time…I’ve never gotten to see them live and the whole thing would really just be a dream come true. Thanks for considering!

  • Tony Thomas

    So psyched for the Dumb Numbers! *Love* the album and happy I got the sweet VIP edition. And, of course, so happy to see MBV again! Saw them as a kid in ’92, all three of the NYC area ATP dates and can’t wait for the Hammerstein Ballroom shows. Old and in school full time to be a vet tech, so a pass would help tons!

  • Heather Landazuri

    Loved the album!! Hope to see it live!!

  • Joe

    I would actually attend any of them! This would give me a great excuse to use a personal day as a special ed teacher

  • François Bussière

    It would split my brain in two if I got to be the recipient of the Montreal tickets. Which would of course permit melting one perfect half in front of each these great bands. Not mentioning psyching my francophone ass. I just want this sweet torture to be mine.

  • John Russell

    My partner and I have been together for three years, and we started talking because of a mutual interest in bands like My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr, but especially MBV. It’s definitely our favorite collective band, and we have been pining to see them ever since they’ve been playing these select US dates. We’re from North Carolina and would be taking a 9 hour Amtrak ride to the Philadelphia date if we got tickets, but we would want nothing more than to see the great My Bloody Valentine and Dumb Numbers. Please pick us!

  • Alex H

    I discovered MBV in 1997. That’s about 6 years too late. Never did I think we’d be in a position like this. Please send me to the Montreal show, merci. Big fan of Joyful Noise, you guys are really on a roll.

  • Cookie PickleSurprise

    I am hoping to attend the Hammerstein ballroom show. It would be more than fantastic to win because, I have spoken to Adam Harding of Dumb Numbers before about playing New York City a few months ago, and I did say how New York loves noise. It would just be amazing to see this coincidence turn into something as awesome as seeing Dumb Numbers and My Bloody Valentine live. I’ll promote the shit out of the show if I do end up winning.

  • Craig B.

    Dumb Numbers is one of the great up-and-coming Joyful Noise bands and what a great pairing with MBV – still so relevant. I never got to see MBV back in the day so this show would be a great mix of past+present “alternative music” for me (meaning, a meaningful alternative to the junk we hear on radios, elevators, etc). Hoping for the NYC Hammerstein show – classic venue! VIP membership has turned out to be amazing – Joyful Noise – you guys rock! I got into your label by way of seeing Talk Normal open for Chelsea Light Moving, and the rest is… history!

  • Fran

    i’m old and have bad luck with contests. let me win something other than the bowling ball i won in the 5th grade so i can pass this story down to my grandkids. I already booked a hotel for the Boston show so give me a pity pass pretty please (with extra sugar).

  • Christopher James Prowse

    The chance of seeing MBV seemed pretty fruitless a few years back…..and then a surprise album!….and surprise tours dates!…..I might actually poop myself if I managed to get Toronto tickets.

  • Michael Macfie

    Nice! My wife and I are over on holiday in NYC then from Melbourne – would love to see Dumb Numbers play again, and MBV! saw Dumb Numbers at Yah Yahs in Melbourne earlier in the year they were great!

  • Jane

    Would love to attend the NYC show. My only fear is that Lou Barlow might think I’m stalking him — haven’t missed a Sebadoh or Dinosaur show since 1990.

  • Simon Savard
  • Dan Levin

    I have seen Lou in his oh so many forms, but have never MBV. And sure would love to travel to NYC to see them (hint, hint).

  • David Harris

    Melvins, Fantomas, Spritualized, Primal Scream, Sebadoh, My Bloody Valentine I have seen. Dumb Numbers with My Bloody Valentine on tour is something that may still be a possibility to have been. I would go to any of the five locations to see either group and so would my girlfriend.

  • Chris Buckridge

    A few years ago, I saw a Lou Barlow video Adam Harding made and appeared in, wearing a Melvins’ Houdini shirt. I got all excited and jealous, so I went out (by that I mean successfully trolled Ebay) and bought a shirt just like it. Now, if the fates and this fine label (whose sticker I have on my bike, is that street team enough for ya?) allow, I will march right into the NYC show wearing my Harding-inspired Melvins shirt all up in everyone’s face, and politely, discretely ask Karl to sign my boobs. Oh, and Karl, I’m a cheap date, buddy. I don’t drink.

  • Rob L.

    Looking forward to the Sebadoh show at Johnny Brenda’s in Philly and I hope to see Lou again at the Dumb Numbers / My Bloody Valentine show at the Electric Factory in Philly on November 9th!

  • John Semonin

    Excited for the NYC show. I need a vacation. MBV and Dumb Numbers are great bands.

  • Steven

    Can I win please? Dumb Numbers is an amazing debut.

  • Joe Giovinazzo

    my comment to win

  • Eric Wayne Norlander

    winning comment here!

  • noone

    comment #41 seems like a dumb enough number to win toronto tickets.

  • theknappattack

    Who are My Bloody Valentine and why are they closing for the Dumb Numbers? If Karl needs a merch bitch’s bitch for the Toronto show to keep the product, and more importantly, his booze flowing, I’m all in.

    On a more serious note, if I end up on the Toronto guest-list I will try my damnedest to find Bruce Lynn who I haven’t seen 15 years and make him my +1. Here’s why…

    During the heydays of CD and cassette sales in the 1990’s it was pretty commonplace for a well meaning parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. to wander into the record store where we worked and ask what they should buy for the kid(s) on their gift list. We all had our preferences with which to try to co-opt the process and shift the choice away from mainstream dreck. In 1996, Bruce made the inspired choice to sell Harmacy to any and all who asked him what they should buy as a Christmas gift. If for nothing else, I will always remember him for this simple act of kindness and mercy.

  • rock ON talk

    Wanting to go in Toronto but it’s sold out!

  • Carrie Pierce

    Please help me take my mom out for her 62nd birthday and put us on the guest list for the 11/7 Boston show!!

  • Carrie Pierce

    Please help me take my mom out for her 62nd birthday and put us on the guest list for the 11/7 Boston show!!

  • justinsomething

    It would be cool if you picked me for the Philadelphia show at the Electric Factory! And I will personally purchase a drink for you in return!

  • Diane

    Dumb Numbers + MBV + NYC = OMG
    Would love this soooooo much <3 #dream

  • Karl Hofstetter

    Hey yall! We are choosing winners today! Stay tuned!

  • Guest

    can’t wait to find out!!!!

  • Karl Hofstetter


    Toronto: theknappattack (we’re guessing this is Steven Knapp, yes?)
    Montreal: Francois Bussiere
    Boston: Joshua Phillips
    Philly: Stephen Cort Smith
    NYC: Ezra Benus

    The winners were chosen through complex algorithm, factoring in the awesomeness of their comment, and their history with the label. Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who entered.

    Winners: please email [email protected] with “MBV Winner” in the subject and we’ll get ya all the info.

  • harry