Melk The G6-49


$ 9.00 USD  


A miniature masterpiece of thousands of amplified crickets, Glossolalia is melk The G6-49's finest moment. Recorded over three days, the bass and drum duo have composed an album that comes off sounding like a Christian Marclay-ed Melvins 12" crossfaded with a Ruins cover of Music for Airports. Hiss, trashy cymbals and 4-string bass blasts spasm and flop with no room for other sound. Melk have pursued their heavy-noise ambient methods with only John Spencer's electric bass and Karl Hofstetter's drums. 

Melk have added new options to the "loud-soft-loud" formula incorporating long stretches of near silence and slight feedback with non-linear compositional structures. Working in an emotionally and sonically intimate territory that is more normally associated with small free jazz ensembles. This album captures the groups most complex and well developed material to date; clearly showing two years of progression since 2002's s/t album. Co-released by Sounds Are Active. Art by Tim McMullen.
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