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John Somers 'I Dreamt The Dreams That Kept Me From Sleep'

Catalog #: JNR275-6    Release Date: 06/01/2018

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  • John Somers 'I Dreamt The Dreams That Kept Me From Sleep'
  • John Somers 'I Dreamt The Dreams That Kept Me From Sleep'


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Curator Statement

"Originally self-produced and self-released on a very small quantity of homemade CD-R’s; never made available beyond our friend circles…

This album was, is, and always will be a very special and personal album for me. It was made by my older brother John back in 2002 when we were sharing a small apartment in Boston. I was only 18 and he was 21. We were both studying music, composition, and synthesis and getting deep into sound. We would both stay up all night tinkering and writing and recording music together and separately. It was a beautiful time of exploration and discovery.

I was listening to this album through the walls of our little apartment for a few months before John had even finished it. I would come home from school and hear him working away on it and I’d hold my breath and not make a sound, as not to disturb him. I thought the sounds I was hearing were so beautiful! So familiar, almost as if I were actively collaborating in the music and making the album with John all along... It was the music I wanted to make. Melodic, repetitive, sonic, simple, beautiful, interesting, and sincere. I think in a way this album became the template for all the music I’ve been a part of since. I come back to listen to this album often and it still holds weight for me. It still moves me, and still reminds me of my dear brother and our era together in Boston.

I hope you, holding this album in your hands, can tap into the world of this music and hear yourself in it as I do.

Thank you for listening! And thank you to Joyful Noise for giving this gem its first ever proper release into the world. And thank you to my brother John for making this portal."

Love, Alex Somers
March 2018

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