Due to the pandemic, we've had manufacturing delays. To maintain a safe work environment, we're down to one brave hero in the mail room (meet Mark). So we hope you understand why mail-order isn't quite as snappy as usual. 

Here are our best estimates for ship dates (subject to change, so please check back)!

TitleEstimated Ship Date
Kishi Bashi "Stillwater" 7"shipped!
JNR375-1 White Label Series 2021
Sleep Party People s/t 
Toshi Kasai "Plan D" 4xEP
jess joy "PATREEARCHY"
Electric Jesus OST 2xLP6/09/21

Also, a reminder that the Kramer Artist in Residence Box Set will ship in Spring 2021, as it is a collection of releases created and curated by Kramer over the course of 2020.


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International customers: In order to keep our international shipments reasonable in price we have to do bulk shipping, which means that we fulfill and take orders as they come, and once we get enough for a shipment we get a pick-up from UPS and they take it from there. Because of this, the above dates might not be 100% accurate for international shipments, but they're still close.