You may already be aware, but the state of vinyl manufacturing has become a world-wide problem. Everybody seems to be rushing to press their pandemic-delayed albums (and/or their newly recorded "Covid albums"), which is causing a tremendous bottle-neck in vinyl manufacturing. Vinyl releases that usually require 2 months to manufacture are now at 6, 8, even 11 months! It's insane. It takes less time to create a human being...

Additionally, we are now even seeing these delays impacting our cassette manufacturers and our supply of shipping materials… But even though this is a tremendous annoyance for us, our bands, and you – we are trying to remind ourselves that the entire planet is recovering from a once-in-a-generation global catastrophe. Something that we'll all be telling our grandchildren about... And this vinyl bottleneck is a great indication that the music industry and live shows are on track to return in full force.

We promise we will do all we can to keep these delays to a minimum, and we will work hard to make sure that orders ship from Joyful Noise as soon as possible after the vinyl arrives at our warehouse.We wish we could have more precise information for you, but this is an industry-wide problem which is completely out of our control. If you are a subscriber to any of our monthly subscriptions, we absolutely 100% promise you that you will receive every record included in your membership for the year. All in due time. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Here are our best estimates for ship dates (subject to change, so please check back)!


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Estimated Ship Date

Deerhoof "Apple O'"


JNR Holiday "Snowflathes"


Tropical Fuck Storm "Submersive Behavior"


Artist in Residence Box Set 


International customers: In order to keep our international shipments reasonable in price we have to do bulk shipping, which means that we fulfill and take orders as they come, and once we get enough for a shipment we get a pick-up from UPS and they take it from there. Because of this, the above dates might not be 100% accurate for international shipments, but they're still close.